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1、 What should I do if I catch thunderstorms in summer? […]

1、 What should I do if I catch thunderstorms in summer?
Thunderstorms usually occur when there are many southerly winds and the weather is sultry. Sometimes even the weather station can't predict their arrival, so we have to improvise. Before the thunderstorm comes, there will be dark clouds, thunder flashes, thunder, and strong winds. At this time, you should pay attention to finding a place to take shelter from the rain. This is not an ordinary light rain, and you can't underestimate it. The most important thing is not to hide under trees, melon sheds, cowsheds, eaves, fields of straw, wheat straw pile, and the best place is to hide in civilian houses or buildings. For your safety, anglers can no longer insist on fishing. It should also be noted that the carbon steel rod itself is conductive, so it should be put into the box after being put away. After the thunderstorm, the humidity in the water decreases significantly, and the dissolved oxygen also increases. At this time, the fish have a strong appetite, which is a good time to go fishing.
2、 Is it better to fish upwind or downwind in summer?
The experience of many fishing friends has proved that bottom fishing with a hand rod is good in the downwind (i.e. windward fishing). The downwind wave is large, with more oxygen and food, and the water temperature is balanced, which is conducive to the feeding and growth of fish. However, it is difficult to cast the pole in the downwind, and it is difficult to cast it accurately and far. In addition, the floating is not easy to see because of the waves. It should be noted that not all fishing methods are downbeat. Float fishing, hanging fishing and cast rod fishing are better than catch the wind. First, the bait resistance is too big to throw far in the downwind; The second is that after throwing out the wind, the float is constantly blowing to the side. Finally, you can't fish in front of your heels. On the windward side, it is different. A gentle downwind throw will be far away. Even if it is not far away, the wind will blow the float and hook bait farther and farther. The line of hand rod floating fishing and hanging fishing is long, and the throwing rod floating fishing can release tens of meters, so these two fishing methods are popular.
Is it better to use long or short fishing rods in summer?
Fishing rods can be divided into three categories according to length: hand rods: long rods above 6.3m, standard rods between 4.5m and 5.4m, and short rods below 3.6m. Fishing in summer can also be divided into pond fishing and field fishing. Of course, long rods are used in general waters in the wild, mainly to fish far and deep. The commonly used rods are 6.3 meters long and 7.2 meters long. Too long rods are cumbersome and inconvenient to operate. Of course, if grass fishing is required in summer, 8 meters or 9 meters can also be used for fishing with long rods and short lines. Rods above 10 meters are not suitable in the north. However, in summer, many fishing enthusiasts like to fish white fish (baitiao) in the wild or carp in the pond. Generally, they choose short rods below 4.5 meters, which are characterized by light rubbing, convenience and sensitivity.
3、 Is it better to fish floating or bottom in summer?
Fish can be divided into bottom fish, middle fish and upper fish according to their living habits. Crucian carp and carp belong to the bottom active fish, silver carp, bighead carp and grass carp belong to the middle upper fish species, while some small fish such as white fish (commonly known as white stripe), Makou, Xige, Hongliziqinglizi belong to the upper fish species. Therefore, the fishing method adopted mainly depends on the species of the target fish. Of course, under special circumstances, some fish will also change their swimming water layer. The bottom fishing method is generally adopted for catching crucian carp. If the density of fish in the fish pond is high, the fish may float during fishing. At this time, adjust the fishing method to float in time.
4、 What's a good fishing line in summer?
In summer, after the revival activity in spring, the fish have great strength and swim fast. The caught fish have great struggling force, which can generally reach 4-5 times the body weight of the fish. Therefore, the fishing line in summer is thicker than that in spring.
Line 2-3 can be generally selected for hand rod field fishing. The specific line number depends on the species of the target fish. If you choose Line 2 for crucian carp, or if you specialize in carp, you can choose Line 3. The brain line can be one size smaller than the main line. If you are fishing with a casting rod, you should choose No. 4 fishing line. According to the function, it can be divided into sub thread (brain thread) and main thread (big thread). The softness, strength and draft of the two kinds of fishing lines are different.
In a word, fishing in summer is very interesting. As long as the fishermen are flexible and flexible, they will certainly get very satisfied fish.

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