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The fishing rod, fishing line, fishing hook, plumb bob […]

The fishing rod, fishing line, fishing hook, plumb bob and float are the main fishing tools. There are three kinds of fishing rods: hand rod, sea rod and hand sea dual-use rod.
Sea poles, also known as throwing poles, are generally not long, about 1.6-2.4m, and some are longer, mostly in two sections. This kind of pole has good elasticity, is cheap, is not afraid of the sun and rain (because it is solid), and is sturdy and durable. Because of the good elasticity of the sea pole, the hook can be thrown far with the help of the elasticity, and larger fish that can not be caught with the hand rod can be caught and thrown to targets that can not be reached with the hand rod. It is mainly used for fishing in sea water or large rivers.
The sea pole should be round and crack free; Second, the whole pole shall be straight after being inserted or pulled out, and the socket depth shall be moderate; Third, the whole pole shall be evenly loaded; Fourth, the inner part of the wire loop shall be smooth and free of burrs to avoid hurting the fishing line and blocking the take-up; Fifth, the handle should be soft and firm to avoid breaking the handle and rubbing the palm after catching a big fish or throwing it out with great force; Sixth, the bayonet of the pay off device shall be firm, without moving up and down, left and right, and integrated with the rod.
The advantage of sea pole is that it can cast far, catch big fish, and fish at night. Because there is an alarm bell on the tip of the sea pole, the bell rings as soon as the fish is hooked; But when fishing in the wind, as long as the sea pole shakes up and down, you will know that the fish is hooked; No need to use eyes to watch, which can protect vision (with alarm bell); Because the distance casting has a certain amount of exercise, it can exercise the body and relax the nerves, so you don't need to concentrate when fishing; The sea pole has a buffer device, which makes it difficult for big fish to escape.
The disadvantage of sea pole is that it is not suitable for fishing in small rivers, streams, ponds, ponds and water areas with dense vegetation. It is inconvenient to carry when fishing. You need to bring more poles, wheels and other accessories, and the price is more expensive.
The hand pole is mainly used for fishing in ponds and streams, as well as in reservoirs and lakes. The main criteria for purchase are: first, straight; Second, be firm; Third, be flexible. In particular, the tip part of the rod should be elastic and flexible, and the tensile force and non deformation should be superior; Fourth, be light; Fifth, it should be easy to carry.
At present, there are three kinds of hand poles on the market: bamboo pole, glass fiber reinforced plastic pole and carbon fiber reinforced steel pole.
(1) Bamboo pole: general bamboo poles have the advantages of excellent material selection, exquisite workmanship, low price, convenient use, etc. Most fishermen like to use this kind of fishing rod.
(2) FRP rod: It has the advantages of light weight, strong water resistance, good elasticity, scalability, etc. But the price is expensive.
(3) Carbon fiber reinforced plastic: like glass fiber reinforced plastic rod, it has the advantages of light weight, strong water resistance, good elasticity, scalability, etc.
A hand pole should have the following characteristics to be called a good pole. 1、 Light: It is easy to carry and use, and unnecessary physical consumption can be avoided by fishing for a long time. 2、 Toughness: It is tough and not easy to break. 3、 Straight and elastic. 4、 Long: It is convenient to fish far if there is a certain length, and the applicability is stronger. It can be used in both deep and shallow waters.
Hand sea dual-purpose rod: combining the characteristics of sea rod and hand rod, it is mainly used for hand rod fishing. When encountering large fish, it can play a role of buffering and saving labor by setting out, so as to avoid breaking the line and escaping fish. The effect of floating fishing with this hand sea dual purpose rod is very good.
There are also soft and hard fishing rods.
Soft rods and hard rods have their own advantages, and their use should be determined according to the uncertainty of the fishing field. Generally, hard rods are used for sea fishing, because sea fish eat ferociously. When fishing in freshwater areas, such as in rivers and rivers, fishing for large fish also requires hard rods. However, it is better to fish smaller fish in the freshwater area with a soft rod, because the flexible rod is good, it is not easy to fish away, and it is convenient to use. In addition, it depends on the specific conditions of the fishermen. The weak should not use long and hard sea poles. But it is better to use a harder pole if you participate in the competition. To sum up, its advantages and disadvantages are as follows: soft rod: good flexibility, thin rod, light; The fish feels good after being hooked, and is suitable for fishing small fish; Its disadvantage is that after catching fish, the water is pulled out slowly, which is not suitable for catching large fish. Hard rod: It is suitable for water areas with water plants and sundries on the water surface. It can be used for long rod and short line fishing. It is suitable for competition and fishing for large fish. But the rod body is excellent, and it is easy to break the rod when catching big fish. Middle note rod: It has moderate tonality and is suitable for fishing in various waters. After fish swallow the bait, the front part of the rod body and the rod tip are responsive and have moderate hand feel. However, it is difficult to cast and cast with the rod, especially when the wind is strong.

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