Understanding the Design and Function of Fish Lock Chains for Small Fish


Fish lock chains are a type of fish guidance technology […]

Fish lock chains are a type of fish guidance technology used in waterways to direct small fish towards fish ladders, fishways, or other fish passage structures. Fishing tackle manufacturers state that the design of fish chains is based on the natural behavior of fish, especially their attractiveness to the physical structure of water.Fish lock chains are typically constructed of a series of metal or plastic chains, which are suspended vertically .
The function of fish lock chains is to provide a visual cue to small fish, such as smolts or juvenile fish, to follow the chains towards the fish passage structure. The chains create a turbulence in the water, which produces a visual cue that small fish are attracted to. As fish swim towards the chains, they encounter the fish passage structure, which allows them to migrate upstream or downstream.
Fish lock chains are often used in combination with other fish passage technologies such as screens, baffles, or underwater lights to increase their effectiveness. The success of fish lock chains depends on various factors, including the size and species of fish, water velocity, and the design and placement of the chains.
Fish lock chains are an effective and low-cost fish guidance technology for small fish, and they have been used successfully in many locations worldwide. However, ongoing research and development are needed to optimize the design and placement of fish lock chains to maximize their effectiveness in different aquatic environments.

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Product Name:Fish Lock Chain For Small Fish
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