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Cixi Huxinyi Fishing Tackle Fitting Factory is located in Cixi, Zhejiang, at the southern end of the Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge. It is the center of Shanghai and Hangzhou-Ningbo, with convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. Our factory is professional China Fishing Swivels Manufacturers and Wholesale Fishing Swivels Factory, specializing in producing various swivels, pins, connectors and small plastic accessories.
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The fishing rod, fishing line, fishing hook, plumb bob and float are the main fishing tools. There are three kinds of fishing rods: hand rod, sea rod and hand sea dual-use rod. Sea poles, also known as throwing poles, are generally not long...


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Understanding the Design and Function of Fish Lock Chains for Small Fish


Fish lock chains are a type of fish guidance technology used in waterways to direct small fish towards fish ladders, fishways, or other fish passage structures. Fishing tackle manufacturers state that the design of fish chains is based on t...


What is a rolling triangle joint rolling swivel


Rolling triangle joint rolling swivels are specialized components used in various industries for connecting and rotating parts with high flexibility and efficiency. These swivels provide smooth and unrestricted movement, reducing stress and...


How to correctly use and maintain fishing buckles


To correctly use and maintain fishing buckles, follow these guidelines: Proper Attachment: Ensure that the fishing buckle is securely attached to the appropriate fishing line or leader. Use a reliable knot or connector specifically designed...


What is a fishing lead piece seat


A fishing lead piece seat, commonly referred to as a lead weight or sinker seat, is an essential component used in fishing rigs to provide weight and help sink the bait or lure to the desired depth. It serves as an anchor, keeping the fishi...


what is Fishing Swivels Barrel Triple Swivels Style


Fishing swivels in a barrel triple swivel style are a type of fishing tackle accessory used to prevent line twisting and tangling. They consist of three barrel-shaped swivels interconnected by rings or a solid piece of metal. Each swivel ha...


Industry knowledge

What is Fishing Swivels

Fishing swivels are small, barrel-shaped devices used in fishing to prevent fishing line from twisting or tangling. They are typically made of metal, such as stainless steel or brass, and are designed to rotate freely around a central axis. A fishing swivel is attached to the end of a fishing line and then connected to a lure or bait. When the lure or bait is cast, the swivel rotates freely, preventing the line from twisting as it moves through the water. This helps to improve the presentation of the bait or lure and makes it more attractive to fish. Fishing swivels come in a variety of sizes and designs, with some featuring additional features such as snaps or clips for quick and easy lure changes.

Types of Fishing Swivels

There are several types of fishing swivels available, each designed for specific fishing applications. Some of the most common types of fishing swivels include:
1.Barrel swivels: These are the most common type of fishing swivel and are designed to prevent line twisting. They are made up of two metal rings that are connected by a central barrel.
2.Ball bearing swivels: These swivels are designed with ball bearings that allow for a smoother and more efficient rotation. They are often used in deep-sea fishing applications where heavy tackle and large fish are involved.
3.Cross-line swivels: These swivels are used to attach a second line to the main fishing line at a right angle. They are commonly used in trolling applications where multiple lines are used to cover a larger area of water.
4.Snap swivels: These swivels feature a snap clip that allows for quick and easy lure changes. They are commonly used in freshwater fishing applications where small to medium-sized fish are targeted.

Advantages of Fishing Swivels

There are several advantages of using fishing swivels when fishing, including:
1.Prevent line twist: Fishing swivels are designed to prevent fishing line from twisting or tangling, which can be a common problem when fishing. By using a swivel, the bait or lure can spin freely without causing the line to twist.
2.Increase fishing success: By improving the presentation of the bait or lure, fishing swivels can increase fishing success and lead to more strikes and fish caught.
3.Reduce line breakage: Line twist can weaken the fishing line, leading to line breakage and lost fish. Fishing swivels can help to prevent line twist and reduce the risk of line breakage.
4.Easy lure changes: Some fishing swivels, such as snap swivels, feature a snap clip that allows for quick and easy lure changes. This can be useful when fishing for different types of fish or in changing fishing conditions.
5.Versatile: Fishing swivels come in a variety of sizes and designs, making them suitable for a wide range of fishing applications and fishing styles.